Journal Papers From NevadaNano

Combined, solid-state molecular property and gamma spectrometers for CBRNE detection

Nevada Nanotech Systems, Inc. (Nevada Nano) has developed a multi-sensor solution to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) detection that combines the Molecular Property SpectrometerTM (MPSTM)—a micro-electro-mechanical chip-based technology capable of measuring a variety of thermodynamic and electrostatic molecular properties of sampled vapors and particles—and a compact, high-resolution, solid-state gamma spectrometer module for identifying radioactive materials, including isotopes used in dirty bombs and nuclear weapons.

Multifunctional, self-sensing microcantilever arrays for unattended detection of chemicals, explosives, and biological agents

Unattended sensing applications necessitate robust, compact, low-cost, low-power sensor units. The microcantilever- based Self-Sensing Array (SSA) technology developed by Nevada Nanotech Systems, Inc. (NNTS) is a strong candidate for such units.

Microcantilever Technology for Law Enforcement and Anti-Terrorism Applications: Chemical, Biological and Explosive Material Detection

The remarkable sensitivity, compactness, low cost, low power-consumption, scalability, and versatility of microcantilever sensors make this technology among the most promising solutions for detection of chemical and biological agents, as well as explosives.