Partnerships and Licensing

NevadaNano is driven to make chemical sensing inexpensive and ubiquitous, thereby enabling broad usage in stand-alone applications as well as in the Internet of Things. Through our commitment to produce low-cost silicon chemical sensors that enable accurate and reliable identification and quantification of chemical constituents, we will push to deploy these sensors in all markets.

Ubiquitous sensing requires commercialization partners to help deploy these sensing systems in the various market segments. That is why, in addition to developing our own products, we also license, partner and collaborate with others to develop products for specific applications.

Partner with NevadaNano

External product and marketing collaborations are a key component for delivering innovative new products. At NevadaNano, we are focused on developing collaborative alliances with market leaders to produce lasting benefits for our partners and end-users alike. NevadaNano is available to discuss OEM licensing arrangements and joint development programs with potential partners.