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MPS Gas Sensors

NevadaNano Launches Family Of Smart Gas Sensors For Use Across Industries

Molecular Property Spectrometer™ Family of Gas Sensors designed to better detect LGW refrigerant, methane and flammable gases NevadaNano today announced the release of the new MPS Family of Gas Sensors, designed for broad application where combustible gas safety and gas leak detection are critical. The sensors are the first to accurately detect, quantify and classify […]

Sager and MPS Flammable Gas Sensors

NevadaNano Partners with Sager to Offer New Flammable Gas Sensors

  RENO, Nev. – NevadaNano, a leader in flammable gas sensors, announced it will be a preferred provider to Sager Electronics, a leading North American distributor of interconnect, power and electromechanical components. “Sager is the leading distributor of electronic components used in virtually every industry and we’re thrilled to be partnering with them and offering […]

Nevada IoT Companies

Nevada IoT Companies Attract International Attention

Nevada IoT Companies Attract International Attention was originally featured on Nevada Business Magazine By Ralph Witten, NevadaNano President    The technology companies expanding operations into Nevada — like Figure — and those that have set up shop here and have then expanded to other states — like Switch — give Nevada a lot to be […]

DataRobot Machine Learning

Machine Learning at NevadaNano: Powered by DataRobot

To test our state-of-the-art air quality sensors in different environments, we use automated machine learning from DataRobot to build powerful predictive data science models. “We’re not well informed about the environments that we live, work and play in. We are here to respond to that need.” – NevadaNano Senior Scientist, Chris Hilton.  Thanks to DataRobot for […]

Up-close view of NV Nano flammable gas sensor

New Portable Flammable Gas Sensors Improve Legacy Sensors

This article on flammable gas sensors was originally featured on Sensors Magazine By: Dana Kilroy Excerpt: For nearly 100 years, pellistor/catalytic bead sensors have served as high-tech canaries in the proverbial coal mine. These sensors alert workers in potentially explosive atmospheres — especially in the mining, gas and oil industries — to dangerous levels of […]

Hand holding flammable gas sensor against a white background

NevadaNano Invited to Present at the Oil & Gas Innovation Center 2019 Innovation Showcase

NevadaNano Invited to Present at the Oil & Gas Innovation Center 2019 Innovation Showcase Mark Brandemuehl, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at NevadaNano, will present the power of NevadaNano’s Molecular Property Spectrometer™ (MPS) Flammable Gas Sensor and its ability to continuously and accurately quantify methane leak detection as well as a dozen other […]

hope run Jiangsu technology corp methane detection logo

NevadaNano Announces Partnership with HopeRun, China Market IOT Leader

Planned new sensor and IoT system detects methane gas and hydrocarbon leaks — will play a role in helping companies reduce climate impact of methane gas leaks January 11, 2019 (Reno, Nevada) NevadaNano today announced Jiangsu Hoperun Software Co Ltd (300339.SZ), a public Chinese company, has invested in NevadaNano’s existing Series B offering through its US subsidiary […]

Factory machines responsible for the release of hazardous gases

All About Methane Gas Sensors

All About Methane Gas Sensors Methane gas is an odorless, colorless gas that can become highly flammable or combustible at what is known as 100 %LEL concentrations. For many manufacturers around the world, detecting hazardous levels of methane gas with a methane gas sensor is an extremely important daily operation. Types of Methane Gas Sensors […]

three construction workers wearing hard hats and neon yellow jackets looking at building plans.

NevadaNano Releases New Automated Flammable Gas Sensor

NevadaNano Releases New Automated Flammable Gas Sensor NevadaNano makes industry firsts with the release of the MPS Flammable Gas Sensor, the first of its kind to be able to detect, quantify, and classify, flammable or explosive gases with a single calibration. Furthermore, the MPS Flammable Gas Sensor is able to measure the concentration of combustible […]

Jim Stockdale, hardware engineering manager at NevadaNano talks about the company's combustible gas sensor

Sparks tech firm lands big bucks for its tiny air sensors – by Northern Nevada Business Weekly

Sparks tech firm lands big bucks for its tiny air sensors – by Northern Nevada Business Weekly Sparks-based NevadaNanotech Systems Inc., a developer of digital-based vapor detection devices, has millions in new funding to advance its work. NevadaNano announced last week it has raised $18 million in Series B Funding, led by Ray Stata, chairman […]