MPS™ Flammable Gas Sensor

MPS™ Flammable Gas Sensor

MPS Flammable Gas sensor sets a new flammable gas detection standard with accurate measurement of methane, hydrogen, and 10 other flammable gases and mixtures.  In addition, to ground breaking accuracy over multiple gases, the MPS Flammable Gas sensor offers 1-year calibration intervals and a long lifetime, significantly reducing maintenance and total cost of ownership. Legacy NDIR and catalytic bead sensors cannot promise the same combination of accurate detection of multiple gases and long-term stability.  

Providing a New Level of Reliability and Safety in Flammable Gas Detection

The MPS Flammable Gas sensor is intrinsically safe, stable, inherently poison-resistant and calibrated for all gases using only methane. Sensor readings are output on a standard digital bus or industry-standard analog output – no added electronics required. With a 1-year calibration interval and long lifetime the MPS Flammable Gas sensor delivers industry-leading performance and a low cost of ownership.

Ready for Harsh Environments

The MPS Flammable Gas sensor’s innovative new technology is enhanced with integrated measurement of temperature, pressure, and humidity for all environmental conditions. As a result, gas concentration readings are accurate across the full temperature, pressure, and humidity range.  Specified and tested to be accurate from -40C to +75C and from 0% to 95% humidity, the MPS Flammable Gas sensor is ready for challenging environments around the world.


  • Detects over ten gases with high accuracy
  • Real-time auto gas classification and identification
  • Built-in environmental compensation
  • Inherently Poison-resistant
  • 1-year calibration interval
  • 5+ year lifetime
  • Small footprint, low power — 55 mW typical
  • Intrinsically safe
  • 24/7 monitoring

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MPS Flammable Gas Sensor Specification

GasDetection RangeAccuracy
Butane0-100 %LEL±5 %LEL
Ethane0-100 %LEL±5 %LEL
Ethylene0-100 %LEL±15 %LEL
Hexane0-100 %LEL±8 %LEL
Hydrogen0-100 %LEL±5 %LEL
Isopropanol0-100 %LEL±5 %LEL
Methane0-100 %LEL±3 %LEL
Pentane0-100 %LEL±5 %LEL
Propane0-100 %LEL±5 %LEL
Propylene0-100 %LEL±10 %LEL
Toluene0-100 %LEL±5 %LEL
Xylene0-100 %LEL±10 %LEL

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