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Ten years and over $20 million of R&D has led to early-stage productization with three major industrial partners, each one a global leader in their respective field. NevadaNano has increased staffing from 5 employees to more than 40 between 2014 and 2017, and continues to recruit highly skilled engineering talent. The following positions are currently open:

About NevadaNanotech Systems

NevadaNano is a fast-paced, emerging start-up company that has developed a small, low-cost chemical detection system called the Molecular Property Spectrometer™ (MPS™), capable of detecting and identifying a wide variety of chemicals in vapor, solid or liquid form. The MPS™ chip’s low power consumption, small size and light weight make it appealing for numerous applications. The MPS™ uses multiple sensor elements incorporated into a compact, flow-through solid state silicon chip. The sensing elements measure a variety of thermodynamic and electrostatic molecular properties of sampled vapors, liquids and particles, thereby providing a highly orthogonal analysis of the sample. The MPS™ utilizes these measurements to analyze unknown samples and identify the molecules present. Applications in markets include Environmental Monitoring, Industrial Chemical Analysis, Security & Safety, and Life Science.

Compensation includes competitive benefits and incentive stock options.