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Ten years and over $20 million of R&D has led to early-stage productization with three major industrial partners, each one a global leader in their respective field. NevadaNano has increased staffing from 5 employees to more than 40 between 2014 and 2017, and continues to recruit highly skilled engineering talent. The following positions are currently open:

About NevadaNanotech Systems

NevadaNano is a fast-paced, emerging start-up company that has developed a small, low-cost chemical detection system called the Molecular Property Spectrometer™ (MPS™), capable of detecting and identifying a wide variety of chemicals in vapor, solid or liquid form. The MPS™ chip’s low power consumption, small size and light weight make it appealing for numerous applications. The MPS™ uses multiple sensor elements incorporated into a compact, flow-through solid state silicon chip. The sensing elements measure a variety of thermodynamic and electrostatic molecular properties of sampled vapors, liquids and particles, thereby providing a highly orthogonal analysis of the sample. The MPS™ utilizes these measurements to analyze unknown samples and identify the molecules present. Applications in markets include Environmental Monitoring, Industrial Chemical Analysis, Security & Safety, and Life Science.

Compensation includes competitive benefits and incentive stock options.

Current positions available:

As a manufacturing technician, you will have an opportunity to join a dynamic and highly successful startup bringing leading edge chemical sensors to the world. This position gives you the opportunity to learn a variety of technical and manufacturing skills. It would include operating equipment and the assembly of electronic components.

While the bulk of the work will be routine, there are opportunities for complex and non-standard assignments as well. This requires persistence and tenacity at one time and then more creativity and trouble shooting skills at others.

  • Perform operational tasks and help drive our sensor development and manufacturing by meeting yield, cycle time and cost targets.
  • Log, track and report material movement
  • Proficiency in operating equipment and troubleshooting equipment problems
  • Responsible for preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, spares, and sustaining.
  • Collects and evaluates operating data for equipment, adjustments and process optimization.
  • Responsible for improvement processes, troubleshooting nonstandard events in the production line, and reviewing technological health and stability.


  • Minimum of a Mechanical/Technical Certification or Associate of Science Degree in Microelectronics, Electronic Engineering Technology or related hands-on maintenance experience.
  • Flexibility in response to rapidly changing priorities
  • The ability to solve problems independently
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Previous experience operating complex equipment.
  • Ability to work 2nd shift/weekends
  • Computer skills including excel.

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If you are the best of the best in analog ASICs and want to rock the world, this opportunity is for you! More than a job, we are looking for someone with a passion to make an impact on the world by improving the health of the planet and our quality of life.

NevadaNano, a well-funded startup, is set to make life-saving product breakthroughs in health and safety.

The person in this position will oversee the development of the ASICS that will make these products fast, effective, and affordable for widespread use.
This is a senior position for someone who understands the whole cycle of designing, verifying, and producing an ASIC and getting it right the first time.

Incentive stock options are part of the compensation package

Primary Responsibilities

  • Create detailed conceptual designs for our ASICs by working closely with Marketing and Sales team to define feature sets, performance levels and costs.
  • Work closely with our “Molecular Property Spectrometer™ Lab-On-A-Chip ” technologists to understand and define the MPS™ and ASIC requirements, and tradeoffs between cost and performance.
  • Select outside design resources and fabrication facilities to optimize performance, schedule and costs.
  • Develop detailed designs in collaboration with outside design resources to meet performance, schedule and cost targets.
  • Provide the technical leadership managing the entire scope of design, fabrication and implementation process collaborating with 3rd party design facilities to drive the ASIC to completion.
  • Manage risk throughout the development process
  • Communicate status, risks, and changes on a regular basis.


  • BSEE or close equivalent, MSEE preferred
  • Deep experience with Analog ASIC designs, developments and deployments
  • Experienced with SPICE simulators (TINA, LT SPICE, PSPICE etc.)
  • Familiar with Python, MATLAB or other scripting languages
  • Expert engineering acumen with PID control loops, SPI and I2C, low-level and low-noise analog circuit design with dynamic levels in the nano-ampere and micro-volt range.

Desirable Skills

  • Experience managing ASIC design teams
  • Familiarity with mixed-signal ASIC design and architecture
  • Deep knowledge of TIA amplifiers, peak detectors, lock-in detectors, phase lock loops, DDS, ADCs ,DACs, instrumentation amplifiers, programmable current sources, differential amplifiers and reference regulators.
  • PCB layout design experience (ORCAD etc.)
  • Applied experience with Design For Manufacturing and hi-volume production ramp.

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The Senior Software Engineer is responsible for leading and managing our small development team which produces a wide variety of software including embedded firmware, Windows desktop applications, Windows and Linux console applications, backend database systems, and more.


  • Player and coach – lead a small team but also be a hands-on developer with project deliverables.
  • Work closely with cross-functional teams (electrical, mechanical, sensor development, manufacturing, and quality) to define and deliver software projects
  • Ensure delivery of high quality code and supporting documentation
  • Management responsibilities include setting priorities and goals, performing reviews, coaching and developing team members, status reporting




  • BS degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related technical field
  • Strong engineering or science background to understand technical products
  • Significant experience developing reliable C and C++ applications for commercial use
  • Experience developing for Linux and Windows environments (console and desktop apps)
  • Comfortable using common lab equipment (e.g., scopes, multimeters, etc.) for coupled software-hardware debugging
  • Proven ability to lead a small software team, including project scheduling, setting technical standards, leading code reviews, leading projects from conceptualization to productization
  • Experience in formal software development cycle including software architecture, code development, verification and validation, and quality assurance


  • Experience with electro-mechanical sensor systems and related algorithms, software development, data analysis, and testing
  • Familiar with common serial communications protocols: UART, I2C, SPI
  • Experience developing safety-critical software
  • Experience with embedded operating systems (e.g. Micrium, VxWorks, etc.)
  • Experience developing end-to-end IoT systems
  • Experience implementing machine-learning techniques for regression and classification problems

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