Personal Health Applications

Applying the Technology of Hazardous Gas Sensors in Personal Health

From devices that monitor exercise, sleep, and health information, to sensors that let our doctors know if we’re taking our medicine properly, the Internet of Things is poised to dramatically change the way we stay healthy. NevadaNano’s Molecular Property Spectrometer™ (MPS™) technology can be used to help identify and diagnose health conditions, as well as assess personal hygiene and metabolic functions such as exercise and stress levels.

Monitoring the Health of Your Body

Thousands of chemicals have been identified in exhaled human breath. Many of these are linked to certain health conditions and environmental exposures, and so characterizing chemical makeup of breath can reveal a great deal of personal health information. Two personal health applications of breath monitoring for personal health are the measurement of blood alcohol content (BAC), used to determine if someone has had too many drinks to safely drive a vehicle, and the measurement of ketone levels, which can indicate the state of optimal ketosis and therefore the effectiveness of a fat-burning workout.