Home Sensing and Automation

Monitoring Indoor Air Quality With A Methane Gas Sensor

Improving health and quality of life by measuring the air we breathe will be a significant application of the Molecular Property Spectrometer (MPSTM). In the near future, information about our home’s air quality will be collected by MPS modules and sent to home automation systems that manage indoor air quality. Accurately knowing the level of hazardous chemicals in the house allows outside air ventilation to be turned on only when needed, saving energy while providing safe indoor air.

Detect Gas Leaks Before They Happen

The MPS™ can also be used as a home air quality sensor to detect immediately hazardous situations throughout the home. MPS supports smarter safety devices for detection of hazardous leaks of natural gas or propane. The MPS can also serve as a “pre-smoke” detector, by warning of a fire at a very early, or even pre-fire stage, based on the presence of vapors produced by overheated materials before combustion begins.

As our homes get smarter, digital scent provided by the MPS will improve our health and make us safer.

Chemicals: benzene, ethyl-benzene, formaldehyde, methane, propane, toluene, xylene